Undergraduate Students Enrolling in Graduate Courses

An undergraduate student, not enrolled in pharmacy, at The University of Findlay who wishes to enroll in graduate courses may do so under the following conditions: 1) the student must be within his/her last semester of undergraduate course work; 2) the student must have all major, minor and/or competency requirements satisfied; 3) the student must be on the undergraduate graduation list for the semester he/she wishes to enroll at the graduate level and 4) the student may not take more than nine semester hours of graduate course work. Students enrolled in the College of Pharmacy wishing to enroll in graduate-level courses, must meet the dual enrollment eligibility requirements as well as adhere to the contract requirements as listed within the College of Pharmacy; they are also eligible to take up to 12 credits of graduate courses in the other degree pathway, prior to becoming a P5 student.