The University of Findlay is approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to offer the Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Bilingual Education (established in 1989; name changed to TESOL and Applied Linguistics in 2017), the Master of Arts in Education (established in 1992), the Master of Business Administration (established in 1993), the Master of Physical Therapy (established in 1999, converted to the Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2008), the Master of Occupational Therapy (established in 1999), the Master of Science in Environmental, Safety and Health Management (established in 1994), the Doctor of Pharmacy (established in 2005), the Master of Physician Assistant (established in 2009), the Master of Science in Health Informatics (established in 2011), the Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing (established in 2013), the Doctor of Education (established in 2013), the Master of Science in Applied Security and Analytics (established in 2016), the Doctor of Occupational Therapy (approved by ACOTE in 2017 as an Applicant Program; candidacy status granted December 2018; preaccreditation status granted April 2021; accreditation with concerns granted December 20, 2021; accreditation granted January 6, 2023), the Master of Arts in Professional Communication (established in 2017), the Doctor of Education in School Psychology (established in 2020) and the Master of Science in Radiologic Sciences (established in 2020) degrees. Any questions regarding The University of Findlay’s accreditation status with HLC should be sent via e-mail to

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