ENVM 501 Anglo-American Jurisprudence and Writing

This course includes a review of the basic system of laws and courts in the United States, focusing on the federal and state legal systems, particularly how laws are made and interpreted. The importance of precedent will be discussed. The interplay between the federal and state systems will be explored. Additionally, emphasis will be placed upon the administrative legal system and how administrative rules and decisions interrelate with statutes and court decisions. Students will also study the basic concepts of American environmental law. A writing component will focus on writing principles and grammar to improve clarity and correctness; on proper academic research; on the acceptable, scientific use of evidence/support materials in research or scientific papers; on APA standards for source identification and on revision, editing and library skills. Each student will be expected to do a writing sample and short research projects to reveal competencies necessary for graduate work. A final exam covers major course content (terminology, concepts, principles, etc.) in order to determine overall understanding of the writing process and how to evaluate written work as self-directed graduate students.