Housing Requirement

A. As a condition of being admitted to the University of Findlay, all full-time undergraduate students must reside in on campus housing for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters) unless one of the following requirements is met prior to the start of said academic year:

• The student is age 21 or older prior to the start of the academic year.
• The student has already resided in on campus housing for the minimum requirement of four semesters (fall and/or spring semesters) or two academic years.
• The student will be commuting from the full-time home of a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian (who live within the 50-mile commuting distance).
• The student is married.
• The student is a parent or legal guardian of a minor.
• The student is a veteran.
• The student is a part-time student.
• The student is a graduate student.
• The student is enrolled in a degree program only offered online; and will be taking no live classes on campus during the course of the entire academic year.
• The student is a transfer student who has completed four semesters, or two years of study at another institution (excluding dual enrollment credits).

B. If a student meets one of the previous requirements, but voluntarily chooses to live on campus, then they are subject to all terms stated in the Housing License Agreement (see sections C and D below).

C. Once a student is assigned to on-campus housing, the Housing License Agreement is in effect for the entire academic year and may only be terminated for the following reasons: the student withdraws from the University; or the student is required to live 30 or more miles away from Findlay in order to fulfill an academic program requirement (e.g., internship).

D. Requests to reside off campus or terminate a Housing License Agreement must be initiated at the Office of Student Affairs. All such requests will be referred to the housing appeals committee for review. Upon review, the committee will render a decision. This decision shall be final and is not subject to appeal. All students will be charged for room and meals until given permission, in writing from the committee, to reside off campus.