Pets and Animals on Campus

In general, pets are not permitted in any campus building or facility at any time.  Pets that are brought to campus must remain outside, and must be leashed or contained in a pet carrier, or similar item, at all times.

Students who live in on-campus housing are permitted to have non-dangerous fish in their assigned on-campus room. One aquarium per person not exceeding twenty (20) gallons in size is permitted, provided that fish are the only inhabitants. A UL-approved power strip must be used to connect to the power source. Electrical aquarium accessories must be unplugged during extended vacation periods, such as Christmas break. If any unauthorized pet is found on-campus, it must be removed in a timely manner established by the Student Affairs Office. This timeline will recognize the importance of the health of the animal.

Registered student organizations, academic departments, and other University offices or affiliated groups that wish to host an educational program or event with live animals on campus must get prior approval.  The event must be scheduled through the Facilities Office, and approval must be given before any animals are brought to campus. Approval for the event must be given prior to any publication or promotion of the event.  All programs or events involving live animals on campus must be educational in nature, and members of the leadership of the department or organization sponsoring the event must be present during the duration of the event, including any and all set-up and clean-up time.  The sponsoring department or organization is responsible for all clean up and restitution required from the event.  The only exception to this policy will be University sponsored academic and competitive events held at the English and Western farms, and the Beckett Animal Science Building.

For policies regarding emotional support animals, service animals, and service animals in training please see those policies here.