Solicitation and Canvassing

Solicitation/canvassing by or on behalf of any entity external to the University is expressly prohibited in and on all University-owned or -controlled properties. University offices or personnel wishing to solicit/canvass either on or off campus must contact the Division of Advancement directly to secure permission. Registered Student Organizations or students wishing to solicit/canvass on or off campus must contact the Student Activities Office directly and submit a detailed request.  For fundraising events, a Fundraiser Permit Form must also be submitted for consideration. If a request is approved, the Registered Student Organization or student may solicit/canvass according to the stipulations stated in the approval.  Since The University of Findlay is a non-partisan institution, requests to canvass for a political organization, a candidate, or a ballot issue will not be approved. Additionally, all voter registration activities will be coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs and facilitated in a non-partisan manner by the Student Government Association. Therefore, outside groups shall not be permitted to conduct voter registration events on University-owned or-controlled properties.‚Äč