Visitation and Guest Policy

Visitation is defined as periodic visits by a guest of any gender identity and does not include cohabitation.

Visitation policies determine when and if residents may have guests in their rooms. Residents must observe the designated visitation policy. Enforcement of the visitation policy is the responsibility of the residence life staff as well as residents. Visitation may be revoked for individuals or groups in living units where violations of the visitation policy, or other University policies, occur.

Visitation Policy

Visitation within on-campus housing for guests is restricted as follows:

  • Guests are permitted in common spaces of all residence halls.
  • Prior to a guest entering a living area, all Roommates, Suitemates, and/or Apartment or Housemates must agree that the guest can be present in the living unit.  This includes in the common spaces of house and apartment style housings.
  • Guests may stay no more than a total of three consecutive nights, and no more than a total of 10 nights in a semester.
  • There are no guests permitted during scheduled university break periods such as Thanksgiving, Winter Break, or Spring Break.

Cohabitation Policy

Cohabitation (a living arrangement in which individuals, in a romantic relationship, live together) is not permitted at any time in on-campus housing locations. Excessive frequency of visits and/or duration of visits may also indicate a cohabitation policy violation. This determination shall be made at the sole discretion of Student Affairs.

Guest Policies:  Guests are permitted in on campus housing areas only at the request of residents, who then become responsible for the conduct of their visitors. Guests must remain in the company of their resident host throughout their visit and must be escorted at all times. All guests must abide by university policies. The presence of guests shall not deny access or entry into the living unit, nor shall visitation cause any undue hardship on any other resident of the living area. A guest in a room or living area is any individual who does not have a current housing assignment in that room or living area.  

Overnight Guests:  Guests may stay overnight in a student room provided that each resident of the room or living unit gives their permission.  This would mean that all residents of a residence hall room, an apartment style living arrangement, or a house must give permission for an overnight guest to say within the living unit.  If any resident of the living unit is not comfortable with an overnight guest, the guest will not be permitted to stay. Guests may not stay in university housing for more than three (3) consecutive days except by permission from Student Affairs. Guests may not stay overnight in common areas, including but not limited to, residence hall lounges, the living room of an on-campus house or apartment, laundry rooms, kitchens, and other communal spaces. Cohabitation is not permitted in any living area.