Weapons Prohibition

The possession, manufacture, transfer, storage, presence, sale, or use of firearms (including but not limited to handguns) or other weapons by anyone on University property, in a University-owned vehicle, at any University event, or while engaged in University business anywhere, including University-sponsored social events or travel, without the written authorization of the University, is expressly prohibited. This prohibition exists regardless of whether the possessor is a “lawful firearm carrier.” A “lawful firearm carrier” is defined as someone who has been issued a federal or state license to possess a weapon or is a “qualifying adult” under R.C. 2923.111.

For purposes of this policy, “weapons” are defined as any device or substance that is designed, used, or likely to be used to cause bodily harm, or property damage. Examples of prohibited weapons include but are not limited to firearms, which are defined as any gun, rifle, pistol, handgun or device designed to fire bullets, BBs, pellets, or shots (including paint balls), or other projectiles, regardless of the propellant used; taser/stun guns, knives or blades, martial arts weapons, bow and arrows of any type, swords, brass knuckles, sling shots, explosives or incendiary devices, and any chemical unrelated to University business or intended to cause harm to another person. The employee is responsible to make sure that any potentially covered item they possess is not covered by this policy prior to bringing it on University property.

This prohibition applies to all employees, students, and campus visitors, including those who are “lawful firearm carriers,” except for the following individuals:

  1. Authorized law enforcement officers or authorized military personnel, acting on behalf of and within the scope of their official duties, provided they are legally permitted to possess weapons in the State of Ohio.
  2. Individuals granted prior written authorization to possess weapons by the Chief of the University Campus Police; provided they are legally permitted to possess weapons in the State of Ohio and only to the extent that such possession is necessary as a part of an academic, research, or work-related activity.

Further, the weapons prohibition does not include firearms and ammunition stored in an individual’s own private vehicle, provided that (1) the individual is “lawful firearm carrier”; (2) the vehicle is otherwise permitted in the University’s parking lots; and (3) the individual must either be physically present inside the vehicle or the firearm and all ammunition are locked in the vehicle’s trunk, glove box or other enclosed container or compartment. The prohibition also does not apply to a lawful firearm carrier who is in the immediate process of placing the firearm in a locked motor vehicle. Individuals to whom this exception applies are encouraged to present any applicable license or military identification to the University of Findlay Campus Police Department. No firearms are permitted in University owned or leased vehicles at any time.


Any member of the University community who believes an individual is violating this policy should immediately report this information to University Campus Police. Likewise, any member of the University community who observes unattended items they reasonably believe to be weapons should also immediately contact University Campus Police with a description and location of these items. If a University employee, any instances of violence or threats of violence should also be reported to the employee’s supervisor and the Office of Human Resources. Employees and students who make good faith reports pursuant to this policy will not be subject to retaliation.

All reports will be fully investigated. Local law enforcement may be contacted and the University and any employees or students with knowledge of the report shall cooperate with the University and law enforcement authorities during any investigation. The University reserves the right to search and inspect property and persons while on University premises or while engaged in University business off premises.

Disciplinary Action for Weapons Possession

If an employee or student is believed to be in possession of a firearm or other weapon on campus in violation of this policy, an employee will be immediately suspended without pay pending investigation, and a student will be immediately suspended and removed from campus pending investigation. If the University determines that an employee or student violates this policy it will result in severe disciplinary action, up to and including immediate dismissal, at the discretion of the University.