Data Analytics Certificate

Admission Requirements

Admission to the certificate in data analytics program requires:

  1. An earned bachelor’s degree (BA, BS) from an accredited university
  2. A minimum GPA of 3.0 or permission of the program director
  3. Course background – Final evaluation of transcripts at discretion of program director and faculty:
    1. Database – a course in database management systems, preferably with SQL experience. Students without this background can complete either:
      1. CSCI 503 – Database Concepts with a grade of “B” or higher
      2. CSCI 490 – Database Management Systems with a grade of “C” or higher
    2. Mathematics – college credit for mathematics at least at the level of college algebra. Students without this background will be recommended to complete a course at this level.

Students, whose native language is not English and who have not graduated from a University of Findlay approved English speaking university, must meet the previously listed admission conditions plus the following for full admission:

  1. Must have a verified international English Language Testing System (IELTS) of 6.5 composite score with all bands at 6.0 or above, or an equivalent score as indicated on the University of Findlay's English Exam Admission Standards. Full admission is dependent on satisfying all admission requirements; however, students may also receive direct admission with Graduate ESL course prerequisites if no more than two bands are under the minimum.
  2. Provide an affidavit of financial support (original), if not an American citizen or permanent resident.

Those applicants who do not meet full admission criteria or cannot supply a verifiable English score from one of the approved tests as listed above can receive conditional admission. Upon arrival, these students are required to test in the Intensive English Language Program, and if necessary, complete coursework in English as indicated by the University of Findlay's placement exam score before starting their graduate work.

Additionally, if the applicant supplies a non-U.S. school transcript the University's Office of International Admissions and Services may require additional specific documentation. Contact the Office of International Admissions at 800-472-9502 ext. 4558 or

Certificate Requirements

A certificate in data analytics consists of:

CSCI 523Statistical Methods for Business Analytics


CSCI 590Data Mining for Decision Making


CSCI 623Advanced Statistical Methods of Business Analytics


CSCI 690Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics


Effective as of 3/19/2021