Preamble and Premises

The primary mission of The University of Findlay is to equip students for meaningful lives and productive careers. To accomplish this, students must be provided with the opportunity to acquire an education to the extent of their abilities, to achieve competence in their chosen disciplines, to explore the significant issues confronting society, and to develop a heightened sense of responsible citizenship. In keeping with this mission, the academic program at The University of Findlay attempts to:

  1. Be responsive to the needs of students in a rapidly changing society and to new developments in the understanding of learning;
  2. Assist students to become mature adults capable of continuous self-education;
  3. Develop awareness of self, others, and the environment;
  4. Develop understanding of various approaches to knowledge;
  5. Develop the ability to choose values critically.

All members of the University family, individually and in group relationships, share a common responsibility to refrain from conduct which obstructs the achievement of the purposes of the University, interferes with the lawful exercise of rights by other persons, endangers the safety or security of other persons or their property, prevents the proper use of the facilities of the University by persons entitled thereto, or impairs the growth and maintenance of the kind of academic environment which is essential to the operation of an institution of higher learning.

It is assumed that any person admitted as a student at The University of Findlay is aware of its mission and hopes to gain the maximum educational benefits available, both formal and informal. Informal education benefits available to students are those which accrue from participation in the political, social, religious, cultural, aesthetic, and recreational experience related to the non-academic life of the University community and contact with the broader public community of which the University is a part.

The student has basic civil and human rights and freedoms which the University has a duty to protect and which the student has an obligation to fulfill. Consequently, the proper functioning of the University of Findlay community requires the adoption and enforcement of rules and regulations specific to its own self-image and circumstances. A student has the right to the practical experience derived from participation in the formulation and administration of such rules and regulations, especially those most directly concerned with the student’s personal relationship to the University and to his or her fellow students – a community committed to the honoring of responsibilities, the protection of rights, and the goal of equality of treatment for all within the requirements of state and federal law.

Upon enrolling at The University of Findlay, an individual is indicating they acknowledge and accept this Statement of Rights and Responsibilities as well as all other University policies, rules, and regulations. Further, upon enrolling, an individual is indicating they acknowledge and accept that the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities as well as all other University policies, rules, and regulations may be affected by the obligations of individual programs, which may have additional requirements pertaining to licensing or participation, and related laws and regulations specific to their disciplines.