Dean of the College of Education: McIntosh

Professors: McIntosh, Rife

Associate Professors: Brasfield, Dyer, Garlough, Gillham, Moser, Munger, Schilling

Assistant Professors: Coles, Crates, Davis, Grant, Parker, Recker, Theriault, Wagner, Wysocki

Assistant Professors of Teaching: Ochsner, Teeple

Prospective students will be referred to program directors in their focus area.

The Master of Arts in Education at The University of Findlay is built around the theme of “Educational Leadership.” The curriculum seeks to integrate the following: the conceptual basis of teaching, a historical perspective on teaching and inquiry into present practices, issues and shortcomings of the profession, and promising practices. To accomplish educational reform, educators must be leaders, catalysts causing good things to happen in classrooms. To that end, they must work effectively with students, parents and the community.


The basic mission of the Master of Arts in Education is to enhance the development of teachers, administrators and human resource development specialists so that they are prepared to:

  • Examine and develop their own significant role as educational leaders with 21st-century skills;
  • Become aware of the variety of family, social service, community and business resources available to educators and develop collaborative plans and/or training materials to provide for perceived needs;
  • Foster enhanced communication skills;
  • Develop techniques for managing change;
  • Reflect on instructional trends, methods and models in a teaching area of choice, selecting those most appropriate for the needs of their student population; and
  • Experience the role of educator as researcher.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission into Workshop courses, candidates must provide a copy of a valid teaching license. Career technical licenses will not be accepted, those candidates must provide transcripts for a bachelor's degree.

To be considered for full admission to graduate programs, candidates must:

  1. Have a minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale or a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate work or a graduate GPA of at least 3.0 in at least nine hours of graduate work. This includes classes from all institutions attended. Candidates who do not meet the criteria for full admission may be considered for conditional admission (see requirements below).
  2. Supply a copy of teaching certificate(s) or license(s) when applicable.
  3. Possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution or hold a first-professional doctorate when no baccalaureate degree was offered (e.g., PharmD, etc.).
  4. Submit official transcripts, which can be in the form of attested credentials from a University-recognized document verification agency, of all college-level work.

Conditional admission may be considered for those who do not meet the above criteria for full admission. To be considered for conditional admission, candidates must have a cumulative GPA between 2.5 and 2.99 in their last 60 hours of undergraduate work and submit a Goal Statement along with three letters of recommendation. Candidates approved for conditional admission must achieve a minimum 3.0 grade point average in their first nine graduate hours of coursework in order to be granted full admission status.

Students, whose native language is not English and who have not graduated from a University approved English speaking university, must meet the previously listed admission conditions plus the following for full admission:

  1. Must have a verified International English Language Testing System (IELTS) of 6.5 composite score with all bands at 6.0 or above, or an equivalent score as indicated on the University of Findlay's English Exam Admission Standards. Full admission is dependent on satisfying all admission requirements; however, students may also receive direct admission with Graduate ESL course prerequisites if no more than two bands are under the minimum.
  2. Provide an affidavit of financial support (original), if not an American citizen or permanent resident.

Those applicants who do not meet full admission criteria or cannot supply a verifiable English score from one of the approved tests can receive conditional admission. Upon arrival, these students are required to test in the Intensive English Language Program, and if necessary, complete coursework in English as indicated by the University of Findlay's placement exam scores before starting their graduate work.

Additionally, if the applicant supplies a non-U.S. school transcript the University's Office of International Admissions and Services may require additional specific documentation. Contact the Office of International Admissions at 800-472-9502 ext. 4558 or

Post-Baccalaureate Licensure

The Post-Baccalaureate Licensure program is designed for candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and desire to become licensed teachers. It is a program that offers entry into the teaching profession by either combining a Master of Arts in Education degree with initial teaching licensure or by completing required course work leading to licensure areas in a non-degree program. Some course work earns graduate credit. However, undergraduate courses may be required for some licensure areas.

After completion of a licensure program a four-year resident educator license will be issued by the Office of Licensure, Ohio Department of Education/Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE). The candidate must have completed required courses in the teaching field, education methods courses, classroom field experiences, student teaching and state-required examinations to be eligible for licensure. This initial teaching license is the same license that is issued to the four-year teacher education undergraduate candidates. For more information about licensure and jobs in teaching, candidates should review the Ohio Department of Education website:

State-Mandated Changes in Teacher Licensure Requirements

The Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Higher Education continue to implement new teacher licensure standards for education candidates. In order to be compliant with the new regulations, the Teacher Education program at The University of Findlay will initiate ongoing changes. While the faculty and administrative staff of the College of Education make every effort to ensure accuracy of information given to students enrolled in teacher education programs, the College of Education reserves the right to insert without prior notice changes or additions that will improve the quality of these programs. These changes usually result from authorized licensure modifications imposed on the University by the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Department of Higher Education and/or Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. Updated information will be shared with students in writing and orally in a timely manner. Please contact the chairperson of the Department of Licensure in the College of Education for the most up-to-date information.

Licenses and Endorsements

Licenses available are: Primary; Middle Childhood (MC); Intervention Specialist in Mild/Moderate Disabilities (IS); Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) - Integrated Social Studies, Integrated Language Arts, Life Science, Integrated Science, Integrated Mathematics; Multi-Age Licenses (MA) - Health and Physical Education, Visual Arts, Japanese, Spanish, TESOL; Principal, Superintendent and Professional School Treasurer.

Available endorsements include: Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs, Reading, Middle Childhood Generalist (for teaching self-contained fourth to sixth grades) and TESOL. Note that a student receiving a Master of Arts in Education degree and the reading endorsement (completion of EDFI 535, EDFI 543, EDFI 650, EDFI 655 and EDFI 665) will have both the degree and the endorsement appearing on his/her official transcript. This is considered a master’s in the field of reading.

Certificates available are:

  • Literacy Leader
  • Online Instruction
  • School Counselor Leadership
  • Training and Online Instruction

Dual Enrollment Certificates available are:

  • Communication
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics

Field Experience Requirements

Candidates for post-baccalaureate licensure will be required to participate in several field experiences throughout their programs. This will vary from program to program, so candidates should discuss the requirement with their advisers or program directors. All candidates for initial licensure are required to complete a methods field experience for six weeks while they take their methods courses. This is similar to the junior block in the undergraduate program. Student teaching is a full 16-week experience.

Post-Baccalaureate Assessment and Portfolio Requirements

In order to be a program completer at The University of Findlay, post-baccalaureate licensure candidates must successfully complete all aspects of the Post-Baccalaureate Assessment Plan, including passing all Ohio Assessment for Educators tests in their area of licensure, maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA and successfully completing all required field experiences, including student teaching. There is also a portfolio requirement at each of the three levels of the Post-Baccalaureate Assessment Plan. The College of Education uses a computer program for lesson planning, portfolio development and other assignments.

Licensure and Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) Exam

Students who currently hold a teaching certificate/license may take specified courses leading to licensure in another area offered by the University. Also, students seeking new licensure may be required to complete a student teaching experience in the new area. Students seeking additional licensure areas may be required to take one or more additional OAE exams. For questions regarding licensure and/or OAE, please contact the Licensure/Certification Office or the OAE Officer at 419-434-4844 or the program director in the licensure area.

Course Sequence/Prerequisites

Post-baccalaureate licensure candidates must begin with EDFI 503, which is the introductory course, and EDFI 560, unless those courses have already been taken. Candidates should meet with their adviser to determine the appropriate sequence of courses. Some courses are offered once a year, so advising regarding the sequence is essential.

It is recommended that candidates earning a Master of Arts in Education start the graduate program with EDUC 500, which introduces the theme of Educational Leadership. Candidates must take EDUC 500 before EDUC 541 and EDUC 505 before EDUC 552.

It is recommended that candidates take EDUC 505 toward the end of their studies. Ideas for research projects are likely to come from the elective strand/licensure/endorsement courses. Candidates must have completed at least 18 semester hours of course work in order to enroll in EDUC 505. It is required that candidates follow EDUC 505 with EDUC 552 because their EDUC 505 project will be completed in EDUC 552.

Title II Statement


The University of Findlay was founded in 1882 as Findlay College by the Churches of God, General Conference, and the citizens of the city of Findlay. The name was changed in 1989 to The University of Findlay to reflect the dramatic growth of the institution and the addition of graduate programming.

The University of Findlay is a flexible, forward-looking institution that is constantly seeking ways of better serving students and the community. In today’s fast-paced world, Findlay is continually adapting programs and teaching methods to meet the needs of current students in preparing them for tomorrow’s careers. Education at The University of Findlay is offered in formats that accommodate students of all ages and their time-pressured lifestyles. In addition to traditional weekday classes, Findlay offers courses at night, on weekends and over the Internet.

The mission of The University of Findlay is to equip our students for meaningful lives and productive careers. Our vision is to be recognized by our students, peer institutions and other publics as a unique institution, vitally concerned with the growth, development and success of each student and highly responsive to emerging opportunities for innovation in our educational programs, the learning environment we create and the organizational processes of our institution necessary to accomplish these ends.

College of Education Mission

The mission of the College of Education is to prepare caring, inclusive, innovative and highly-qualified professionals. The College of Education offers two undergraduate degrees and post-baccalaureate licensure in 15 areas of licensure and five endorsements. The Master of Arts in Education program, which is built around the theme of “educational leadership,” offers multiple emphasis areas and five endorsements. 


The University of Findlay is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Preparatory programs offered by the College of Education for prospective teachers and other school personnel are accredited by the Council for Accreditation and Education Preparation (CAEP) and approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Teacher Education Vision

To facilitate the mission of the College of Education, members of the faculty in the teacher education program have developed a conceptual framework which reflects their philosophical and pragmatic commitment to experientially-based active learning and meaningful field-based involvement with children and teachers in P-12 schools. Faculty also support and model the integration of technology across the curriculum. Fundamentals, professional knowledge, research and content areas are basic to effective teaching. Pre-service teachers must translate professional understanding, personal beliefs and experience into real-world teaching situations. They must also apply appropriate assessments, practice collaboration, exercise innovation and accommodate for student diversity.

Special Features

  • The University of Findlay was the first institution of higher education in Ohio to offer an online technology endorsement through its Master of Arts in Education program.
  • Students in The University of Findlay’s teacher education program are required to participate in field experiences at each level in the Assessment Plan.
  • Our program completers are highly-qualified teachers and/or administrators.

Notable Features and Accomplishments

  • The University of Findlay houses the Mazza Museum of International Art from Picture Books. The collection is the first and largest such teaching museum and contains more than 7,000 pieces of original artwork.

Those interested can view The University of Findlay’s Title II rankings on its website at or call 419-434-4073.