Military Absence Policy

The University of Findlay has developed the following guidelines for military students, military deployed civilian students, or military-affiliated students associated with military-related absences, call-up deployment or mobilization orders.

Responsibilities of the Military Member or Deployed Civilian

It is the responsibility of the being ordered to military training or duty to provide a copy of the military training or duty orders that may cause them to miss classes or be unable to accomplish course requirements to the VA School Certifying Official and the Oiler Success Center by fax, mail, or email. Communication should include impacted dates and the student’s preferred accommodation as soon as these orders become known so that accommodation planning can take place.

Short-Term Military Absences
Short-term absences (five business days or less) for military training or duty orders will be counted as excused absences for each of the impacted student’s enrolled courses. The University endeavors to provide basic protections and reasonable accommodations for students required to fulfill short-term military obligations.

Students are responsible for notifying instructors as soon as students become aware of military duties that will require short-term absence from classes. Informing professors of drill and other event schedules at the start of the academic term or as soon as the date is known will promote the timely arrangement of accommodations for absences. Faculty are required to accommodate the military students who proactively make arrangements to complete coursework due to military training or duty orders if it can reasonably be done. Best practice in supporting military students encourages faculty to avoid penalizing students for absences related to military obligations. This may include, but is not limited to, being able to make up participation points or recitations, providing opportunities to participate virtually, and/or making up any in-class assessments or assignments or projects. Each instructor may approach situations differently depending on any number of factors that may include subject matter, course objectives, external accrediting bodies, condensed nature of the course, sequence of learning, and so forth.

Prolonged Military Absences
Students who receive military training or duty orders lasting longer than five business days will work with the VA School Certifying Official and the Oiler Success Center to determine the best course of action regarding academics, financial responsibilities, housing, and so forth. Options may include pursuing grades of Incomplete, withdrawing from some or all courses, or appealing for a compassionate withdrawal.

Additional guidance on Military-Absences
Activated military students who do not have time to make necessary arrangements may authorize another person to act on their behalf. Workday third-party authorization must be initiated by the
impacted student. In the absence of third-party authorization, a power of attorney is required.

The VA School Certifying Official and Oiler Success Center are the initial points of contact for support to military and military affiliated questions. An expanded guidance document is available through the Oiler Success Center.