MBA 690 Research Project

This course allows the pursuit of a specific topic of interest not available in regularly offered courses in business. As such, this course aims to provide a student with an opportunity for in-depth and hands-on study on a specific topic in business, which is student-chosen. In particular, this course is designed to build on a student's analytical skills to apply knowledge or theories learned in previous courses. Primary emphasis should be placed on practical application. As the semester progresses, a student will develop the research topic and write a substantial research paper on the topic. Following the general process of research work, a student will be required to cover the entire process including identification of the research problem, formulation of research question, data analysis and conclusion in the student's final report. It is desirable to plan on publishing or presenting the paper in a professional venue. This is a repeatable course.


1 to 6


Permission of the instructor and 24 semester hours at the graduate level