EDSP 607 Astronomy for Teachers and Naturalists

This course will provide content specific to educators that will use astronomy as part of their teaching or presentations to the public. The focus of the course will be to provide: field trips to area planetariums, night sky viewing led by retired astrophysicists and other area experts, daytime astronomy topics (spectra and spectroscopes, sundials, myths, legend and literature tie-ins, Native American lore, moon and other celestial bodies studies, solar system, origin of universe, telescopes, historical astronomy). The students will develop activities for classroom/nature center use. Field-specific content will be delivered via the Internet and research, CD-ROM media and an astronomy text. Science education methodology for multi-age (P-12 and public) is used as a supplement to the content. Opportunities for educators to incorporate content into hands-on activities and methodologies to enhance conceptual understanding and assimilation are part of the course work. State and national standards at the P-12 level across curricular areas will be addressed.