The installation or usage of personal lock mechanisms or chains on University property is strictly prohibited. All University issued keys must be returned when instructed. This includes all University residents abiding by University housing check-in/check-out procedures pertaining to keys. Lost keys should be reported immediately to the Office of Student Affairs or the UF Campus Police/ Security Office. All locks for the missing key will be changed and a new key will be made. A charge of $80.00 per missing key will be added to the individual's University account.

Sharing of keys is also prohibited. The person who a key is issued to is always responsible for the use of that key. Should a key be shared and a policy or safety violation then occurs, the person who the key was issued to would be deemed responsible and subject to disciplinary action.

University housing residents will be assessed a lock out fee for each occurrence based on the following schedule of charges:

  • First Lockout – No Fine
  • Second Lockout – No Fine
  • Third Lockout - $5.00 Fine
  • Fourth Lockout - $10.00 Fine
  • Fifth Lockout - $20.00 Fine
  • Additional Lockouts beyond five - $20.00 Each

These charges will be posted to the individual's University account.

The Office of Student Affairs, UF Campus Police/ Security, and all residence life staff are able to unlock residential rooms.